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13 Veteran’s Day Crafts for Kids

Veteran’s Day, Remembrance Day, and Armistice Day are all celebrated on November 11th. While the United States typically reserves the poppy for Memorial Day in May, it was originally a symbol of Armistice Day, which commemorates the end of World War One. Here are 13 Veteran’s Day crafts for kids that’ll help teach them the importance of November 11th.

Check out the story of how the poppy came to symbolize WWI remembrance at

Let’s check out some creative Veteran’s Day crafts!

Veteran's Day crafts for kids

1. The Mighty Eighth Museum’s Poppy Wall

I noticed that Patchwork Designs had a printable poppy sheet available (plus a patch for participating!) free to download. All you have to do is color some poppies and send them off to Georgia for a Veteran’s Day memorial wall.

Veteran's Day crafts for kids paper poppy

I had the kids spend the first part of our weekly Acorn Scouts meeting coloring one poppy each.

Veteran's Day crafts for kids paper poppy

Afterward, we tucked the poppies into an envelope and mailed them the next day.

2. Coffee Filter Poppies

This easy poppy craft from Happy Hooligans is perfect for any age group.

3. Patriotic “Stained Glass”

Using contact paper, construction paper, and tissue paper, this super easy craft from Kinder Craze looks beautiful and the idea could be adapted to just about any design you can think of. If you’re not American, a “stained glass” poppy would work too!

4. Painting a Field of Poppies

Simple but effective, this craft from Art Room with a View really embraces the imagery conveyed in the Flanders Field poem.

5. Ripped Paper Poppies

This poppy craft from Housing a Forest is perfect for younger kids. Plus, the materials are minimal and are probably already in your craft supplies!

6. Curled Paper Flower

It’s easier than it looks! This curled paper flower from Bestemor Esther’s Blogg is made using patriotic colors, perfect for Veteran’s Day.

7. Cupcake Liner Wreath

Mama Papa Bubba has made an adorable wreath using cupcake liners, buttons, and a paper plate. The result is adorable and would be a great addition to anyone’s door.

8. Bottle Cap Field of Poppies

Danya Banya is from Australia and mentions the poppy being used in Anzac Day, which is in April. This poppy painting craft is a fun way to create a field of poppies when learning about the Flanders Field poem.

9. Soldier Paper Craft

The Joy of Teaching has several resources available for teaching kids about Veteran’s Day, including this paper soldier craft.

10. Poppy Lantern

Candles are always a wonderful way to honor those who have passed. Sun Hats & Wellie Boots has this unique Remembrance Day DIY lantern.

11. Painted Rocks

Our household LOVES painted rocks! I couldn’t find a source for who painted these, so feel free to let know if you know where they’re from!

12. Pinwheel Poppies

Mum in the Mad House has these awesome pinwheel poppies that are free to download and print.

13. Felt Poppies

This poppy craft is pretty versatile. All Things G & D shows how to use these felt poppies in a wreath or on a parade bucket. They could also be used to make a garland!

And that’s it for Veteran’s Day crafts!

How does your family celebrate November 11th?

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