World of Warcraft Crochet Horde Pillow: Free Pattern!

Everyone who games needs a little bit of World of Warcraft crochet in their life, right? This pillow would look amazing on any gamer’s couch. If you’re new to intarsia crochet, then you’re in luck, because this is a pretty excellent pattern for a first project! This post contains affiliate links. Please head over to… [Read More]

DIY Felt Pokemon Headbands

Pinkie’s birthday is coming up at the end of this month, and since she chose Pokemon for her theme, I decided to make all the party goers some felt Pokemon headbands. And Pinkie loves them! After they were made I had her try them on, and she decided she wants Buneary to be hers. Wild… [Read More]

Easy DIY Apron with a Nerdy Twist

It’s not hard to find an easy DIY apron tutorial on Pinterest. I know because I definitely looked before starting this project. I’ve needed an apron for awhile now, but a regular apron just isn’t me. Additionally, I hate spending money on things, so I knew what I had to do: DIY the frick outta this…. [Read More]

Kid Science! DIY New Year’s Party Poppers

I’ve seen a ton of DIY party popper pins on Pinterest in the past, and I thought it would be fun to try out a new style. Last year we used the kind with tissue paper, but this time I wanted to take the opportunity to add some physics into making them, for a small… [Read More]

DIY nerdy paper snowflakes

Nerdflakes! How cute is that? I’ve seen a ton of awesome nerdy paper snowflakes on Pinterest. All you gotta do is search for “geeky snowflakes” or “nerdy snowflakes” and you’ll been flooded with tons of ideas. We opted to make Batman, Game of Thrones, Sailor Moon, and Legend of Zelda. Which is better, printer paper or… [Read More]

DIY Mario Felt Christmas Tree

Last year we had to take the Christmas tree down about halfway through the month and put it away. Jellybean wouldn’t stop touching ornaments, and when she broke one that my mother had made when I was a child, that was my last straw. This year, we will not be putting the tree up. And… [Read More]

GeekCraft Expo Seattle 2016

Yesterday Mike and I took the three smallest nerds down to Seattle to the GeekCraft Expo. It was amazing! Lots of awesome, creative vendors, and so many cool things to buy. Like, I would have bought out half the show if I could have afforded it. I asked a few of the vendors if I… [Read More]

DIY Monster Wreath

I love the movie Nightmare Before Christmas. I used to watch it every night before bed when it first came out on VHS. And, naturally, my love for this movie makes me want to DIY ALL the Nightmare Before Christmas things. If you’re anything like me, you’ll fondly remember this dude: Obviously, I had to… [Read More]