MIAN follows Jess and her family.

Jess is a shy, sarcastic INTJ who loves DIY projects, reading, and playing World of Warcraft. There are few mainstream fandoms that she’s not into, but her favorites are Sailor Moon, Game of Thrones, and Legend of Zelda. Her favorite superhero is Batman.

Mike is an energetic, optimistic ENFP that is currently in the US Navy. He is also a nerd, and a wonderful father. He heals Jess’s butt in World of Warcraft, too. His favorite superhero is Superman.

Pinkie, 8, is the oldest mini-nerd in the family. She’s fashionable, feminine, and excels at reading. Her favorite fandom is My Little Pony, and her favorite superhero is Wonder Woman.

Wild Thing, 6, is exactly that: wild. High-energy, creative, and a math whiz, Wild Thing is never sitting for too long (unless she’s glued to electronics). Her favorite superhero is Spiderman.

Jellybean, 3, is a wise-cracking goofball with an imagination as deep as the ocean.  When she’s not creating imaginary worlds to play in up in her room, she’s usually dragging her favorite yellow blankie around, chasing her older sisters. Her favorite superhero is Batman, to the point where she’s sometimes just referred to as Batman in her daily life.

Small Fry, 1, is the youngest mini-nerd. He’s usually grouchy and just spends his days eating and toddling after his big sisters.

Sam & Sophie are the nerd-pups, both schnauzers, and Asa & Blair are the nerd-kitties. Asa is a Siamese and Blair is a gray tabby.