10 Things in 2017: Week 8

I wish I could say last week was productive, but the entire household spent most of the week sick and in bed. However, I’m hopeful for this week and I plan to get to working on a few of the things on this list!

10 Things in 2017 | Mommy is a Nerd

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1. Get fit and healthier, and make up a plan for it.
I talked last week a little about stress eating, but I never elaborated. I think it’s time that I put together a post concerning this issue, so keep an eye out for an emotional Wednesday post.

2. Set up an emergency preparedness list and complete it.
My list is still sitting in a notebook, waiting. We’ll get there!

3. Finish the baby blankets and the scrapbooks.
No progress this week.

4. Sell the house and buy a new one.
Thanks to being sick all week, we’ve extended our prospective list date an extra week so we could rest. There’s only a few more things we have to get done, and, assuming the weather will allow us to, we should be able to put the house up on the market this week.

5. Clean up my digital files.
Last Wednesday I posted 5 Ways to Declutter and Organize Digital Files, and I’ve made some progress on my quest. As I said in that post, though, I have a TON of stuff to organize. Slow and steady wins the race, eh?

6. Clean and organize the entire house.
Since we’ve all been sick, I’ve let this one slide a little bit. But this weekend I intend to catch up, and get the girls into a cleaning routine. Their responsibilities will be their own spaces (bedrooms and their bathroom), their laundry, and the table setting and cleaning rotation they’re already used to. All of those responsibilities have more or less always been there for them, with the added work of keeping their bathroom clean.

7. Finish the first draft of my novel.
Once the house is on the market, my main focus will be keeping things clean, but hopefully I’ll find some time to write as well.

8. Read 10 books.
1/10. Still reading the Half-Blood Prince. Getting close though!

9. Create a poster-sized family tree, frame it, and hang it in the living room.
I still┬áhaven’t done a single thing to work on this, and I probably won’t until we get moved.

10. Keep up this blog.
I have a lot of goals and ideas for this blog, and I’m a little bummed that I’m not able to give it the attention it deserves. But, once things settle down and go back to the regular chaos, I have high hopes.

Whew! And that’s it!

I’m looking forward to accomplishing a lot of things this week, and it’s my hope that some of those things will be progress on these goals.

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