Free Printable Sailor Moon Valentines

It’s the time of year again! And what better way to force my nerd to like the same thing as me than create some Sailor Moon valentines for them to pass out at school? Ha!

…just kidding, they love Sailor Moon too.

Being such a huge Sailor Moon fan as a kid, I asked my girls if they’d like to start watching it with me. It only took one episode before they were hooked (like mother, like daughter, eh?). I suggested to them that I could make some Sailor Moon valentines for them, and they both jumped at the idea.

Sailor Moon was created by Naoko Takeuchi, and all the images of the Senshi were created by her, and then redrawn and colored by myself. I retain no rights to the characters, and these valentines are just for fun and personal use. They are not for sale, nor are they available for redistribution.

These are available in pdf or png. Click on the link here to get the pdf, and click each individual picture for the larger image, then just right click and save.

Sailor Moon Valentines | Mommy is a Nerd

Sailor Moon Valentines | Mommy is a Nerd

Sailor Moon Valentines | Mommy is a Nerd

And that’s it!

I recommend printing onto cardstock and using a paper slicer to get straight lines.


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