10 Things in 2017: Week 5

Although I only posted the 10 Things in 2017 post last week, it’s the fifth week of the year. Mavis at One Hundred Dollars a Month has a list like this as well, and I decided I really liked her set up for titling.

Anyway, there’s been a LOT going on around the Nerd House this past week, including some BIG decisions….

10 Things in 2017 | Mommy is a Nerd

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1. Get fit and healthier, and make up a plan for it.
Ha. Hahaha. Ok, so…. I have done virtually nothing in this regard. I cleaned off the treadmill in the garage, and then I haven’t used it once. And I’ve been stress eating candy like nobody’s business. There’s a lot going on around here, to say the least. But you’ll see what I mean when you get down to #4.

2. Set up an emergency preparedness list and complete it.
The list is complete (more or less) and now I just need to get the items and set it all up. My plan is to have all the nerds in this house get together for an evening and discuss the plans and supplies, and why we need them. I’ll make a post in the future going over the choices we made based on where we live and the disasters that might strike, and with lists for what we chose to put into our kits.

3. Finish the baby blankets and the scrapbooks.
I have located the unfinished blankets, and Jellybean’s just needs to be sewn together now. I’ll be trying to fit that into my schedule this week. Small Fry is going to have to wait a little longer, though, because his blanket it barely started. As for the scrapbooks, I haven’t even touched them. They’re going on the back burner for now because….

10 Things in 2017 | Mommy is a Nerd

4. Plant, care for, and harvest and awesome garden.
….We will not be planting a garden at this house this year because we are going to put it up for sale! Yes, that’s right, we have decided that our home is waaaaay too small for all the nerds that live here, humans and fur-nerds alike.

Sad story time: We found a house. We loved it, and it was perfect for us. Big enough for every single kid to have their own room, a yard big enough for a garden with plenty of room to run around for the dogs and kids, a garage for Mike with lots of room for a workshop, and even a room for my craft stuff. Absolutely. Perfect.

And then someone else got it instead. We had our offer accepted, but because we have the house we live in currently and no means to pay for two mortgages, we required a contingency. We worked as fast as we could to get the house ready to put up on the market, but we were too late. The price drop that had brought the awesome new house into our range had also attracted the attention of many other people, and someone else offered without a contingency. We were informed and we just gave up, since we couldn’t waive the contingency nor is it likely that we’d sell out house in the five days required to keep our offer afloat. So we said goodbye to the daydreams of what we’d turn that fixer-upper into and decided to focus harder on getting our house ready to try and avoid the same heartbreak again. I’ve been checking Redfin and Zillow every day anyway, just in case, but there’s nothing that really jumps out at us in our area currently. But I have hope we’ll find something amazing!

5. Clean up my digital files.
I started on this the other day and about ten minutes into it one of the mini-nerds started to scream and I went to investigate. It was nothing (as usual) but then I forgot what I’d been doing to begin with. #5 isn’t a priority, currently, considering what we’re trying to get done around here.

6. Clean and organize the entire house.
This is probably going to be the most important one to complete, but now that we are trying to move, it won’t be happening the way I had intended. We are going through the house, room by room, and packing nonessential items up to put into storage. This is giving me an excellent opportunity to donate unwanted items and group things I intend to sell together so that I can worry about it later after we’ve moved and settled.

7. Finish the first draft of my novel.
Also on the back burner, but I did work on a small short story recently before we had decided to sell the house. Unrelated to my novel, of course, but practice makes perfect.

10 Things in 2017 | Mommy is a Nerd

8. Read 10 books.
1/10! I read Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix this month, though I technically started it back in December. Surely I don’t need to even begin saying how amazing it is. It’s heartbreaking, however. The storyline is wonderful but it slowly gets darker and darker to a point where I feel the negative emotions just picking up the book, and it almost hurts to continue, knowing what is going to happen (since I’ve seen the movies and it’s always more emotional in the book itself). I’ve already started on Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, and I’ve been religiously reading a chapter before bed to help wind down after working on things all day.

9. Create a poster-sized family tree, frame it, and hang it in the living room.
I haven’t done a single thing to work on this, and I probably won’t until we get moved.

10. Keep up this blog.
I haven’t missed a Wednesday post yet, so I’m starting off on the right track with this one! I’ve been wanting to expand my posting to include a few more posts during the week, but it’s not all that easy when you’re trying to make the huge changes we currently are.

Whew! And that’s it!

How have you been doing at keeping up on your goals so far in 2017? What do you look forward to most for next month? Let me know in the comments!

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