10 Things in 2017: My take on New Year’s Resolution

I realize I’m a bit late to this party here, with January already more than half over. I was concerned, however, that this wouldn’t fit into my niche. But after dicussing with Mike and my bestie Steph at The Vintage Tart, I decided what the hell, let’s do this.

Last year I tried to mimic another blogger by having a “10 Things in 2016” plan, instead of a regular New Year’s resolution. I didn’t have a blog at the time, so I just had a word file on my desktop and a piece of paper taped to the wall behind my monitor with the list. Glancing at the list now, I managed to complete exactly one item. One. And most of them were reasonable, even.

So I’m going to try again. I will be transferring a lot of the stuff from last year’s failed list to this year’s list, but I will actually complete the things this year. For realsies.

What’s so different about this year? Accountability. See, although this blogging junk is pretty new to me, and this blog in particular is brand new, I’ve told a bunch of people in my life about this and now they’re going to endlessly harass me about it. I think in 2016 I had a grand total of one person ask me if I had completed anything on my list. And it was just a friend of mine being snoopy and looking at the list after I told him I don’t allow anyone to use my computer.

Statistically, New Year’s resolutions are seldom completed, but this is more like “general goals” for the year. And I have high hopes.

So here’s my list, and here’s to a new year, and totally not a new me, because who are we kidding. I’m still lazy.

10 Things in 2017 | Mommy is a Nerd

1. Get fit and healthier, and make up a plan for it.
Ok, obviously. This is basically the holy grail of resolutions, isn’t it? I managed to actually lose about 10 lbs last year, and then promptly gained it all back and then some when I had some stress this spring and summer. Terrible excuse, but that’s what happened. So this time I just need to stay more focused. I’ve already shown myself that I can do it.

I can do it. I can.

2. Set up an emergency preparedness list and complete it.
I have no idea what I would do in an emergency. And it’s one of those things you don’t want to put off until it’s too late, obviously. So my intention is to set up an emergency bag for each member of the household and to schedule regular updates to them to rotate clothing and things. Kids grow fast, and I don’t want to be trying to squeeze a two-year-old into 12-month-old clothes, you know?

3. Finish the baby blankets and the scrapbooks.
Each one of my kids has a scrapbook for their first year and a baby blanket that I made. Sort of. Pinkie and Wild Thing have their blankets finished, and Pinkie also has a complete scrapbook. The others… yeah. But that’ll be probably the easiest thing on here.


10 Things in 2017 | Mommy is a Nerd

4. Plant, care for, and harvest and awesome garden.
I actually put a lot of work into this one at the beginning of last year and it all ended up being for nothing. And I’m not sure I can promise that I’ll do a better job this time either. It depends on whether or not we stay in this house. But we’ll see!

5. Clean up my digital files.
Oh my gosh. My computer is a goddam mess. It’s bad. Like, wow. Ok, ok, I don’t have like a million desktop icons, but it’s still a giant mess. Which of course means I can’t find anything.

6. Clean and organize the entire house.
I’m going to be using someone else’s structure for this one and tweaking it to fit my household. More on this later.

7. Finish the first draft of my novel.
I got pretty close with this one. Closer than I anticipated, anyway. So I’m going to focus on finishing it, and then my bonus task will be either editing it or starting on the first draft of the next story. Not sure exactly how I’m working this one.

10 Things in 2017 | Mommy is a Nerd

8. Read 10 books.
This might not seem like a lot, but I don’t have very much quiet time, and I’m a slow reader. I read a lot, but it’s seldom a novel, other than maybe 20 minutes before bed. But to be a good writer, I have to keep reading. Plus, I love reading. I just can’t read with screaming children all around me.

8. Create a poster-sized family tree, frame it, and hang it in the living room.
This one I’ve been working on for years. I have the vast majority of the photos I need already, but there’s one-quarter of it that I’m missing: my husband’s maternal side. I don’t even have a decent picture of my mother-in-law. So, I guess this means I will need to stop being shy and start calling around asking his family for help.

10. Keep up this blog.
Obviously, this wasn’t on my list last year, but I had to replace the one I actually accomplished. So I’m going to do my best to blog and keep going. I tried once before a long time ago, but I just couldn’t keep it up. But this year will be better.
And that’s it, for now. I have at least one that I might need to change, but we’ll see what the spring brings me.

Are you making goals for this year? How do you feel about the struggle to accomplish just one big task in a year versus ten smaller ones? Have you tried and failed at a New Year’s resolution in the past? Let me know in the comments!


  1. I love it! I should come up with some goals, too!

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